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PayaPoud Company is one of the subsidiaries of PayaBaf companies that specializes in the production of Warp and Weft fabrics in industries such as clothing, curtains, and other household necessities such as furniture fabrics. This factory with more than 12 years of experience and the latest machines in Iran's textile industry is one of the most prominent and well-known factories.

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PayaPoud Company is the newest production unit set up by the Peydayesh family, which, despite having a short history due to its management tactics and having qualified and experienced personnel, using the latest technology in the world and utilizing domestic and foreign sub-specialized forces, has successfully introduced itself. It has become one of the exemplary units in the field of textile fabrics. This company will now be able to satisfy any taste and desire of your loved ones by using the latest jacquard, simple, airjet and dubbing machines.

PayaPoud Textile Factory is one of the largest suppliers in the market to present exclusive designs and benefit from experienced creative and committed designers producing unique fabrics, along with special and new ideas in the field of patterned and simple fabrics, and curtain fabrics as well as clothing fabrics.

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